Sat. Jan 28th, 2023
CRYO Crypto Seed Phrase Storage Notebook - Waterproof Stone Paper Book - Cryptocurrency Recovery Phrase Password Keeper - Cold Storage Wallet Backup Journal - Pocket Size 2-Pack...

Prevent the total loss of your crypto with a CRYO seed phrase storage notebook!

Store up to 40 seed phrases for crypto wallet recovery. Each seed phrase page stores up to 24 recovery words as well as 2 additional passphrases (25th word).

The CRYO crypto password keeper notebook also stores up to 42 website and app logins including website urls, usernames, email, passwords and notes such as 2FA info.

The CRYO seed phrase storage notebook is made from premium water and tear resistant stone paper so you don’t have to worry about flood or water damage ruining your mnemonic phrase backup.

The CRYO cold storage recovery phrase book is small, compact and fits easily into any pocket or purse. It’s the perfect solution if you need to travel or transport your crypto data discreetly. Includes inside cover pockets for additional papers as well as a convenient elastic strap to keep your book secure.

The CRYO stone book is compatible with any hardware or digital wallet that generates a recovery seed phrase. Works great in combination with Trezor, Ledger Nano, KeepKey, ColdCard, Metamask or Phantom wallets.

For best results use a ballpoint pen to write down your seed words. It is highly recommended to duplicate your seed phrase(s) into both CRYO notebooks and store one in a secure location (such as a safety deposit box) to prevent loss if one book is lost or damaged.

CRYO also sells a hand-held, stainless steel, fireproof backup system for additional protection if fire damage is a concern.

Stop hackers from stealing your crypto fortune and backup your crypto wallet’s recovery seed phrase safely and securely offline in cold storage. Secure your recovery seed phrase on a CRYO seed phrase notebook today!

  • BACKUP YOUR CRYPTO SEED PHRASE – The CRYO seed phrase storage notebook can easily store up to 40 recovery seed phrases (24-word) for your crypto wallets
  • WATER & TEAR RESISTANT – The CRYO book is made from premium, durable stone paper designed to protect against water damage
  • STORE YOUR PASSWORDS, LOGINS AND USERNAMES – Store up to 48 cryptocurrency website and app logins including url, email, username, and password
  • POCKET SIZE, DURABLE & DISCREET – Easily fits into a pocket or purse. The front and back covers also contain additional pockets to store additional documents
  • 2 RECOVERY PHRASE BACKUP BOOKS INCLUDED – Keep one handy and the other in a separate, safe location
Price: $29.99
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